North Willow Farms (North Willow Club)

******* CLUBHOUSE RENTAL INFO ******* RENTAL is for NWF Residents ONLY *******
Please note that the Calendar Events is NOT the same as the clubhouse rental schedule. To check clubhouse reservations, please login to the website. (If you do not know how to login, click on Contact Us on the left side of this screen and choose Website Login Help as the Inquiry Type. An email will be sent to the website administrator.) Once logged in, move your cursor to My Account on the menu across the top of the Home page. Click Reservations. Click Request a Reservation. Select a Reservation Item from the drop down menu (i.e. daily or weekend rental). Click on Check Availability on the lower left, and the system will display the current reservations in the system. When you are finished viewing the reservations, click Close at the bottom of the screen. If your preferred date is available, enter the requested date and time information and click Submit.


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No upcoming scheduled events.

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Security Information

When to call 311, When to call 911

Marion County Sheriff's Office advises residents to call 311 for cell phones (317-327-3811 for landlines). By calling the non-emergency number, you are leaving the 911 lines open for true crime and medical emergencies. Below are some helpful lists of emergencies and non-emergencies.

The following are examples of non-emergency phone calls that should be directed to 311 or 317-327-3811:

*Lost or stolen property
*Noise complaints, loud music, loud parties, barking dogs
*Fraud reports, identity theft reports
*Requests for vehicle inspection checks
*Any report being made for insurance purposes
*Any incident involving a time delay that has an effect on the situation such as a delayed burglary report, delayed theft reports, delayed motor vehicle accident
*Any other reason a citizen may need to speak with a dispatcher that does not constitute a life or death emergency.

*Fire/Medical Problems
*Drunk/Reckless Drivers
*Thefts/Robberies in Progress
*Motor Vehicle Accidents
*Suicidal/Welfare Checks
*Suspicious People/Vehicles
*Shots Fired/Calls for Help
*Any Incident Endangering People

For security questions or comments, please contact the North Willow Farms board member responsible for security:


North Willow Farms (North Willow Club)
Contact: Brian Brase, President

Property Management

Kirkpatrick Management
Manager: Molly Marsh
5702 Kirkpatrick Way
Indianapolis, IN 46220