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Tennis Courts - Rules and Reservations

North Willow has two tennis courts available for residents and their guests. The following rules apply:

1. Courts are for use by North Willow residents/guests only.
2. Guests must be accompanied at all times by a NWF resident.
3. Regulation tennis shoes only (no dark soled or other shoes permitted).
4. Play is limited to one and a half hours for singles, two hours for doubles.
5. Playing hours start at 7am-dusk.
6. Children under 16 yrs of age shall yield to adults after 5 pm on weekdays.
7. Courts are for tennis/pickleball use only.
Absolutely NO Dogs, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Roller Skates, or Bikes.
8. Keep courts clean. Remove trash when you leave.
9. Gates are to be closed at all times.

Pool Rules

The pool opens for the season on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM up through Labor Day. Once Washington Township Schools begin in August, weekday hours are typically reduced to 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

On days of home swim meets, the pool will close to the public at 3:00 PM. There will be signs posted outside the clubhouse to remind you.

Guests must be accompanied by a resident to the pool. Daily guest fees are $2 per guest. Weekly guest fees (for out-of-town guests only) are $5 per guest or $20 per family. Failure of the resident to pay guest fees upon entering the pool area may result in a temporary suspension of pool privileges.

Please be on the lookout under "Announcements" for the status of the pool on NWF Home page:

Pool RULES, please click "Pool Rules" linked above.


Neighborhood Schools

North Willow Farms is in Washington Township. Public schools are:
•Greenbriar Elementary, 8201 Ditch Rd., 317-259-5445
•Westlane Middle School, 1301 W. 73rd, 317-259-5412
•North Central High School, 1801 E. 86th, 317-259-5301

Private schools on the north side include:
•International School of Indiana, 4330 Michigan Road, 317-923-1951
•Montessori Academy of Indianapolis, 7507 N. Michigan, 317-291-5557
•The Orchard School, 615 W. 64th, 317-251-9253
•Park Tudor, 7200 N. College Ave., 317-415-2700
•Sycamore School, 1750 W. 64th, 317-253-5288
•University High School, 2825 W. 116th, Carmel, 317-733-4475

The following parochial schools are located within five miles of North Willow Farms:
•Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, 2801 W. 86th, 317-872-7050
•The Hasten Hebrew Academy, 6602 Hoover Rd., 317-251-1261
•St. Luke School, 7650 N. Illinois, 317-255-3912
•St. Monica School, 6131 N. Michigan, 317-255-7153
•The Summit Academy, 3600 W. 96th, 317-334-9335


Swim Team

The North Willow Farms Swim Team is open to all neighborhood children ages 4 to 14. We have limited availability for non-resident swimmers. Please check back here in April for sign up information or contact us at


NWF Delinquency Policy - Slides

Timeline of Collections Process

NWF Collections Policy

Delinquency Policy Resolution

North Willow Farm's Board

If you are a North Willow Farms homeowner, you are eligible for election to the North Willow Board. It's service to consider! North Willow Board members are elected to 3-year terms. Ballots are distributed to homeowners in December. Terms start each January.

Day to day financial matters, vendor relations, and maintenance and covenant enforcement projects are handled by the community's professional management company, AMI. Individual board members oversee areas such as grounds, social events, zoning, security, etc. Committees may be formed for large or ongoing projects.

In governing, the Board follows the guidelines laid out in the North Willow Covenant, Rules and Regulations, and the Guidelines on Fences.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Come to Board meetings, volunteer with projects or on Committees, or run for the Board! The best way to make a difference in your community is to get involved! To view the current board of directors, select "Directories" and "Board Directory".

NWF Dues

Dues are set annually by the North Willow board as part of the budgeting process, usually in the fall. Payment information is sent to each homeowner in December. Payments may be made using the payment coupons provided by our management company or online.

Each year, we adjust our annual dues based on the Consumer Price Index published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The latest published numbers for 2021 put the CPI at 6.8%.

Therefore, our quarterly dues for 2022 will increase to $193.74 per quarter or $774.96 per year, effective Jan 1, 2022.

Kirkpatrick Management-

Voting Information

Polling places for North Willow residents are located at the North Willow Clubhouse at 1635 Brewster Rd and St. Augustine's Home for the Aged at 2345 W. 86th St. Please visit the Indygov website if you are unsure of your polling location.


Trash Pick Up

Trash pick-up is on Thursdays. Please have your trash placed at the curb by 7:00 AM on the day of pickup. Heavy Trash Pickup: The 2nd FULL week of each month (If pickup day is the 11th-17th of that month, its heavy trash day). Out of respect for your neighbors and keeping the neighborhood looking nice, please do not place your trash on the curb several days in advance of regular pickup. Trash pick-up is normally delayed by one day for major holidays. Please visit the website for additional information.


Various recycling options are available for our neighborhood, including curbside recycling for a fee or drop-off locations. There is an Abitibi bin at the clubhouse parking lot for recycling paper, but please no phone books or cardboard. There are glass and plastic recycling bins at the Walmart on W. 86th St. Please visit the Indygov website below for additional information.

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